Fatal Distraction

Recently reacquainted with her estranged father, Julia Conolley is intent on using her managerial skills to rescue his floundering air transport service. Once Julia learns that her father's company is under investigation for smuggling, she is determined to clear him of any wrongdoing. When she teams up with, Sloan Picard, a Special Forces Operator, they set out on an adventure that transports them from Maine's rugged coast to the jungles of Peru. Not all is as it seems. Soon the hunters become the hunted.

Stage Fright

Actress Skye Andrews travels from Boston to Scotland to bury her spinster aunt's ashes and satisfy the stipulations of her will. Before her aunt's final wishes can be fulfilled, Skye must obtain Commonwealth War Graves Commission approval from their representative, Captain Jet Dalry, a soldier recently wounded in Iraq. Fate and obligation are the ties that bind them. Confounded by the mixed signals Jet is telegraphing, Skye reads her aunt's memoirs and realizes his conundrum. Can Skye stop Jet from making the same mistakes Bessie made, or will history repeat itself?

Forbidden Fruit

Mistaken identity keeps gifted stem-cell biochemist, Aliesa Atworth, alive. Assisted by, Elliot Vance, ex-army ranger, they work to determine who has destroyed the newly discovered anti-aging serum and who has murdered Aliesa's best friend. Was it the mob or a pharmaceutical conglomerate? A mystery of power and politics where falling in love literally becomes a matter of life and death.

Ghoul Trilogy

Book I:

The ghost haunting Karlee Davis is in denial, unable to face the reality keeping her stuck between worlds. To help the ghost cross, Karlee investigates the ghost's death — a quest that leads her into the arms of best-selling novelist, Cole Maxwell, a man with his own shadowy past. Soon they find themselves trapped in a quagmire of lies, ugly truths, manipulation and...murder.

Book II:
Double Cross

Romance blooms when savvy intellectual properties attorney, Susan Dante, files a class action suit against the debonair Chief Executive Editor and heir of a private publishing house, Aiden Rutherford Torrence. A lack of full disclosure and a copyright ownership dispute are the least of their worries when loyalties are questioned and lives become threatened by a man possessed.

Book III:

The battle between good and evil is ripe with casualties and carnage when cannibal, Arthur Dresden, windigo and CEE of Torrence Publishing, deceives the good buried within. Once his wife, Loretta Torrence, stops loving him, starvation is the catalyst that forces the evil into an entirely new realm.

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